Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Quick, Little, and HIGHLY useful!

We are a three cat household.  Generally they are all well-behaved and lovely fur-babies.  However, Fender (our youngest cat) has a naughty streak and one of her most naughty habits is to chew wires.  Her favorite are thin wires like those of earbuds.
This has led to a number of destroyed pairs of earbuds in our family which has left more than one person upset with said cat at any given time.
Enter this quick little project that is HIGHLY useful to deter naughty Fender.
I'd seen it here originally and decided to give it a go.  Erin's Tutorial for this project is easy to follow - well written and I found I can whip one up in under an hour.  I do use a walking foot to sew through the multi-layers and that prevents any puckering problems for me.
I've made two so far - one for Steve and one for Jess.

Happy Sewing!

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